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Kindergarten Registration
Please by the office and pick up a Kindergarten Registration Packet.  Kindergarten Registration will be March 11, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year. Continue
Posted by: Georgia Wayne
Published: 2/17/15

Dr. Knechtel

Looking forward to meeting all our Coyotes and their parents!
Coyote Canyon Garden

Child find

Child find

How Can We Improve?

Hello Coyote Family!


We are in need of your honest feedback concerning our efforts to prepare your children for college or a career and ultimately for the lives they will be leading in the 21st century; one very different than the world parents were prepared for. What does that mean? Let me explain!


Our students will need to be competent on various forms of technology, able to produce various kinds of documents using laptops,  iPads, or other kinds of devices, use flash drives and other means of storing and retrieving saved information, articulate their thoughts in written as well as verbal form, defend their reasoning, and work collaboratively with others to achieve a goal or solve a problem. These are just some of the things they will need to be competent in as they progress through school before going off to college or entering the career path they have chosen. So how can you help? Another great question!


We will be sending out a LCAP Survey (Local Control Accountability Plan) like we did last year. The questions are divided into two main categories; Health/Safety or Academic. As you answer the academic questions, add the following phrase to each question, “In light of College and Career Readiness…” In doing this then you will be helping us see the weaknesses in our instructional program as well as our strengths. And if the survey sheds light on areas of weaknesses, then we will use that information to help craft our budget, directing the money to where it needs to go so that our students are truly ready for attending college and entering careers.


Thanks as always,


Dr. Troy A. Knechtel


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